Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Anatomy of a GOOD burger: A & W Teen burger

Typically, A & W burgers are considered run-of-the-mill. Why? Well, they come from an American restaurant franchise with a set recipe.

Generally speaking, the recipe would call for a leaf of lettuce, a slice of tomato and pickle, as well as some mayo, ketchup, and mustard. If you’re lucky, they may throw in a slice of cheese and bacon! 


What is so great about following the crowd? It ensures that the meals are prepared quickly, easily, and generically delicious in fast-food terms and conditions.

This past Thursday night, I was craving a burger. Who can resist the juicy, meaty, fatty, warm goodness of a burger? :D I sure can’t! Writing about it is making my mouth water right now…with the desire of more protein in the form of a beef patty!

Being the lazy bum that I was, we drove to the nearest place (Crowfoot A & W) that offered burgers at a cheap price. This week, A & W is offering two Teen burgers for $6 (sometimes, there are coupons in the mail or burger specials that can get two burgers for the low price of $5). 

Usually, there is a long line up at this A & W. However, when we arrived, there were no customers at all!!!!!! :) Obviously, this was bad news for the restaurant. :( However, it was good news for me! ^_^ The kitchen prep took her own sweet time making us the two Teen burgers.
Look at the deliciousness! 

The burger was all at once soft and warm (buns), crunchy and refreshing (lettuce, onion and tomato), tangy and gooily messy (the sauces and the pickle), hot and meaty (the beef patty), smokey and chewy (the bacon).
Just looking at this gorgeousness is making me drool………. 

Each bite was a compacted punch to my taste buds and brain cells. Needless to say, my taste buds and my brain cells took the delicious action amazingly well.

I wanted more….So many flavours, so many different textures, and so unexpectedly original!

More…I am so glad that we went to A & W that night…we were in burger heaven! :D

MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o_O...... O_o

So what makes a burger worthy of being considered a bunch of goodness?
1.     Fresh ingredients: the lettuce, tomato, and pickle all tasted fresh and crisp.
2.     Made at the moment of the order: the burger was assembled, heated, and packaged after we ordered and not three months prior to our order.
3.     Care: the kitchen prep was calm, cool, and collected. She took her time and attention to make sure that the burger was made perfectly.
4.     Assembly: the anatomy of a burger is a science that demands perfect ratios and placement of all ingredients. When the science is respected, the burger turns out into a work of art for the tummy and the senses.

The only two complaints I have is…
1.      I did not get to eat the second burger. :’( I encouraged my boyfriend to eat the other burger while I was devouring mine like a hungry wolf.
*Note to self: it is okay to be selfish when presented with the excellence of a perfectly assembled and cooked burger.*
2.     Did I mention that I wanted more?

I hope you recently had the pleasure of enjoying a good burger like I have! Remember to get a good grip of the burger and to eat messily!

P.S. Total spent:  $6.30 spent for two burgers....even though I wished it was $12.60 for 4 burgers all for me!!!!!!!

A & W (Crowfoot Area)
80 Crowfoot Way, NW
Calgary, AB T3G 4C8

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  1. I like A & W burgers and morning breakfast sandwich. The fact that the food is great and some of the food chains have recently been renovated gave me more than one reason to keep going back to A & W for breakfast. I enjoy the food and dining experience.