Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alberta King of Subs: A flavourful and bountiful meal fit for a king!

Welcome to my first blog post! Thank you for dropping by! :) For my first post, I will be reviewing Alberta King of Subs. This restaurant of goodness is located in the northeast part of Calgary. Snuggled in a small strip mall with a gas station, you will find yourself discovering goodness like this:

For our weekly special treat, my boyfriend went to Alberta King of Subs to pick up the 12-inches Jester sub (with finely sliced pieces of steak, smoked meat, and fried onions at $12.95)  and a regular smoked meat poutine ($9.75).

Let's start by admiring the smoked meat poutine. This poutine is filled with thickly cut fries, loads of juicy and chunky pieces of smoked meat, mounds of rich and stringy cheese curds, and globs of malt-coloured gravy.

Don't underestimate the power of the Alberta King of Subs' smoked meat poutine. It is big enough to feed two hungry adults with some extra left for midnight snacking.  The fries were cooked to a soft exterior with the rich potato flavour bursting out when my teeth bit into each fry that went into my mouth. The creamy gravy enhanced the fry by adding a nicely salted and meaty taste. As for the smoked meat, it was like biting into a piece of Thanksgiving ham fresh out of the oven: crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside, with the juices of the meat gushing out with each bite.

The Jester sub is aptly named. At first glance, you are fooled into thinking that half of this sub would not be able to fill the belly of a king. You may wonder, "How can it be filling when it's loaded with lettuce and tomato only?" Well, you're in for a surprise my friend!

This is what I discovered after two bites into the sub: mounds of smoked meat and steak started to troop out of the sub in defiance of the cramped space between the buns. The army of protein overpopulated the vegetable army in just a few small bites. Overall, the sub was superbly made. The softness and warmness of the buns offered a nice introduction to the sub. They invited me to immediately take notice of the crispiness and tanginess of meat and fried onions. Next, the fresh and crunchy nature of the lettuce and tomato gave a nice contrast to the meat. Finally, the special sauce the sub was drizzled with gave a nice denouement to this terrific piece of edible goodness.

Total Spent: $23.84 for two hungry eaters :)

Bunches of Goodness? ABSOLUTELY!

This is a meal worthy of the average king. Anyone who thinks highly of their palate, but is on a budget should give Alberta King of Subs a try. They will give you the royal treatment in the form of edible goodness. I especially enjoyed their theme of royalty throughout their menu (check it out at Alberta King of Subs menu). Come on, Calgary! Your palace (and your stomach!) is calling you for  royal goodness!

Alberta King of Subs
7196 Temple Drive, NE
Calgary, AB T1Y 4E8

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  1. Congratulations on your first post! Your review was fantastic :D I can't wait to see more :D